08 Apr 2019

Advantages of a Mobile Food Trailer

A few things to keep in mind if you are thinking of starting a street food vending business.


Advantages of a Mobile Food Catering Trailer

A trailer has the advantage that LPG and electricity connection is in place and ready to go as soon as you arrive at the venue. Carrying and setting up catering equipment can be a major hassle, but a trailer makes this much easier.

Set up speed
A trailer allows you to prepare away from site, and be able to open your trailer hatch as soon as you arrive. Likewise closing up is equally quick.

Protection from the weather
Vending from a trailer provides some shelter from the weather – this means that you can be warmer than if you were operating from a cart or a gazebo.

Second hand trailer are available to buy
You should be able to buy a second hand trailer relatively cheaply. This is good news if you are thinking of starting a business for the first time and don’t have a lot of money. However, make sure you know what you’re looking for and don’t buy a defective trailer.

You can sell it
It is fairly east to sell a used trailer, so if you decide the food vending business is not for you, then you can sell your unit.  This means that the risk of starting out using a vending trailer is lower than it may be with other catering units.

Plenty of space
You can get food vending trailers ranging in size from 8 feet to 24 feet, providing lots of space for you to work. You can therefore take on more staff, serve more customers and increase your profits.

Advantages of a Mobile Food Trailer

Disadvantages of a Mobile Food Catering Trailer

Requires moving
Trailers need hitching onto and off from a tow-bar. This isn’t easy work!

Event organisers sometimes don’t like them
Trailers often need more space than other catering units. Some organisers therefore don’t like them as they can fit more gazebos or food carts into the space, earning them more money.

Can be expensive
Buying a trailer is more expensive than a cart or gazebo, but also less expensive than a motorised van. Remember running costs as well…tyres, bigger car for towing and storage.

Needs a place to be stored
Where do you keep your trailer at night? You might need to rent space somewhere which will increase your costs.

Needs to be towed
A trailer needs to be towed and therefore requires a vehicle suitable for towing as well as the appropriate licence and insurance to tow a trailer.