Beverage Vending Trailer Manufacture

Custom Trailer are specialists in bespoke trailer design and manufacture.  Custom Trailer focuses on customer satisfaction and 100% workmanship. We strive to meet every customer’s trailer requirements and needs.

We guarantee that we manufacture the most durable and aesthetically appealing trailers on the market for clients.

Beverage Vending Trailer Manufacture

We are bespoke trailer manufacturers that specialise in the design and manufacture of customised trailers for both individuals and corporations.

Being S.A.B.S/NRCS approved trailer manufacturers, our trailers are not only up to standard; but rather exceed the standards set. Whether it’s for business or private use, we have the answer to your trailer needs!

Custom Trailer is the answer when it comes to putting your business onto wheels, whether it’s to sell or promote your products or simply to build your brand, we design and manufacture trailers that are basically “pack up and go” mobile exhibitions. With various options available, single or doubled braked axles, and extras such as light fittings on the interior, plug points, electronic drop down stages, electronic ventilation hatches, DJ booths, storage boxes, bar counters, under counter bar fridges, flat screen TV’s, air conditioning systems, advertising boards, retractable awnings, serving counters, cooking equipment, electrical plug points, down lighting systems , wooden flooring and a whole lot more, we here at Custom Trailer, trailer manufacturers and trailer builders, have the answer to your promotional needs!

Bespoke Trailer Design


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