04 Aug 2017
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Food Truck Park

Food lovers in Sandton are spoilt for choice as lunch is crafted in an open parking lot at Benmore Garden Shopping Centre. The first food truck park to arrive in Joburg launched at the beginning of September 2016.

Music, people, and a clear blue Johannesburg sky – the ideal way to take a break and get away from the stress of work, or a busy day of shopping. This food truck park provides just that – a relaxing escape with something for everyone.

A variety of gourmet dishes and craft drinks feature on a weekly basis until December. The park caters to foodies who carry cash as well as the cashless society.

A first in the city, this lunchtime pop-up is established by Good and Proper Food Trucks Eatery.

“Food trucks are a big trend in South Africa at the moment, it just gave me the idea to start a food truck park which doesn’t really exist in South Africa at the moment, but it exists overseas,” says owner, Jade Mann.

The company hopes to successfully pilot the concept in Joburg and take all the business lessons and use them to launch successfully in other metropolitan cities.

“Artisan food is such a big thing at the moment and I really wanted to make it accessible to people especially where there’s lots of traffic. I thought it would be really great to have a central location where all the different food trucks [can come], where people [could] come and pick from the different vendors.”

Mann said marketing and the purchase of furniture to create an atmospheric and trendy environment proved the biggest cost items to set up the pop-up project.

The park has servings from Jozi’s best artisans food and beverage trucks such as Balkan Burger, Maison Belge, Roaming Grind Coffee Co., Tutto Food Co. Jozi Car Bar,  Street Cuisine, Zombie Chef, The Brohemian Pizza Truck and Martha’s Mojo.

Balkan Burger owner, Lidija Ivanovic said she was happy with the launch of the market, which caters specifically to food trucks.

“The markets don’t provide a platform for food trucks. Balkan Burger has been resident in two of the most famous markets in Joburg already for the last 5 years. But never have those markets provided a platform for food trucks to come along even though we have had ours for 3 years already,” said the long-time food truck owner.

For those who would like to start a food truck park, Mann gives the following advice, “the most important things are location and having the right vendors for your market. You really need to understand your target market, so that you have vendors that cater the type of food that they would enjoy. You have to have high quality vendors. You got to look at pricing and what your market can afford and location. It’s very important that the space that you choose is going to see the type of traffic that’s going to make the business successful,” said Mann.

Potential food truck park owners should consider the cost of renting space, said Mann. “Depending on the venue there’d obviously be different kinds of arrangements for rental of the space and for electricity.”

The pop-up food truck park opens Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11:30am to 3pm, ensuring lunchtime in Sandton will have a different flavour.

Food Truck Park

Food Truck Park – Benmore Gardens, Johannesburg

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Source – ENCA