12 Jul 2017
Tornado damage - keeping heavy equipment ready at all times

Getting Heavy Equipment Ready at All Times

Disaster Preparedness: Getting Heavy Equipment Ready at All Times

Although dating from 2013 the following articles till contains relevant information:

“We have witnessed different cataclysmic events in the past few years. There were already many horrendous phenomena that claimed lives and left provinces or a country in great distress. Almost all of them left the people, who were affected, scarred deeply and will forever endure the haunting images of their tragic experience.

Aside from the news on endless military battles, calamities around the world are quite overwhelming these past few days. Who’s not aware of the tragic 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the Philippines last month that claimed lives, destroyed homes, infrastructures and many historical landmarks in the famous island of Bohol?

Sadly, not even a month after that tragic catastrophe, Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) battered the country once again just few days ago. Fiercer than Katrina, it affected many parts of the country and almost wiped out a city, leaving grief-stricken Filipinos mourning for their thousands of dead countrymen.

We can’t control the force of nature. But we can be prepared in any natural calamity …. While natural calamities could tremendously affect the people, the local or national government should have useful heavy equipment, like the following, ready at all times to help in any evacuation effort, distribution of food and supplies, and other important purposes.

Big Trucks.
Extreme calamities demand huge equipment to help prepare or keep people safe. During typhoons and other calamities, big trucks could be very useful when hauling a large number of evacuees to safe sites or centers.

When it comes to food and important supplies, a truck could be very useful. It could accommodate huge amount of food for distribution to different places. It could help much in delivering medical supplies and equipment as well.

These trucks would save time and save many lives and are absolutely safe than family-sized vehicles. Amphibian trucks are also very helpful when there were flash floods or when there is heavy rains and water is high.

Giant Trailers.
When there is calamity, people are definitely not safe to move or run anywhere. Just like big trucks, trailers could be very practical means to keep and transfer people from dangerous places to evacuation centers. Aside from the fact that these trailers are quite sturdy, it could go through difficult paths and remote areas.

Trailers could serve to a lot of purposes during times of natural calamities. These could also make evacuation a lot easier than mini-trucks and small vehicles, which are dangerous when there was flood and disorderly roads.

Power Generators.
Power generators could be a life-saving mechanism for every household or community during calamities. In times of distress and natural calamities, power would be expected to go out. When power is out, generator could come in handy. It could serve to many important purposes. Of course, it is very useful when there is a dire need to cook food for a huge number of people, lighting and communication purposes, and many other relevant uses.

Disaster preparedness is only one of the many ways to be safe and be protected from the horrible effects of any calamity. It doesn’t hurt to be aware, to always check on the news, to know the basic survival procedures, to be prepared.”

Disaster Preparedness: Getting Heavy Equipment Ready at All Times

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