Office Trailers Bloemfontein

At Custom Trailer we build trailers for your company’s specific trade and application. We design and manufacture mobile office trailers – branded corporate specialised trailers that take your business on the road.

Office Trailers Bloemfontein – Custom Trailer is the answer when it comes to putting your office onto wheels, whether it’s to sell or promote your products or simply to build your brand. With various options available, single or doubled braked axles, and extras such as light fittings on the interior, plug points, electronic drop down stages, electronic ventilation hatches, dj booths, storage boxes, bar counters, under counter bar fridges, flat screen TV’s, air conditioning systems, advertising boards, retractable awnings, serving counters, cooking equipment, electrical plug points, down lighting systems , wooden flooring and a whole lot more.

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Office Trailers Bloemfontein. Custom Trailer - Trailers built for your company’s specific trade and application.

Office Trailers Bloemfontein – Manufactured in Johannesburg, shipped countrywide