05 May 2017

Top 10 Uses of Utility Trailers

“Simply put, a utility trailer is any type of non motorized trailer that attaches to your vehicle so that you can haul whatever you need to. Utility trailers can be either enclosed or open; they can be large or small; and they can be simple or elaborately styled to match your towing vehicle.

Utility Trailer Uses

There are several uses for a utility trailer. Here is a glimpse at just the top ten uses of utility trailers:

1.Automobiles: From time to time it becomes necessary to haul an inoperable car or truck. Tow trucks are expensive, especially if the distance is great. A utility trailer is a great way to haul vehicles and a good investment if you need to do so regularly.

2.Boats: If you have a boat, you will need a utility trailer to get it to and from the water.

3.Lawn Care Equipment: If you live in a rural area, you may find that you need to haul your mowing equipment from one piece of your property to another. Packing equipment and loading it into a pickup truck bed can get old very quickly. A utility trailer will allow you to drive your equipment right up onto the trailer without the aid of ramps or two strong men.

4.Furniture: Moving furniture is a breeze with a utility trailer. Furniture dollies roll right up onto the trailer and you can haul more than you can with a pickup.

5.Building Supplies: Do you have projects that need to be done around the house? Pick up your own building supplies and save on delivery fees.

6.Bikes, Motorcycles, and ATVs: Recreational vehicles are best hauled on a utility trailer.

7.Livestock: An enclosed utility trailer is most often used to haul livestock.

8.Auction and Flea Markets: If you frequent auctions and flea markets, you will need the hauling capability to bring home your inexpensive and rare finds.

9.Appliances: Utility trailers are ideal for hauling appliances.

10.Debris and Trash: Loading trash in and out of your pickup bed can be cumbersome and clean up can be messy, but it would be worse to have to haul trash in your SUV. Clean up after a big job is a lot easier with a utility trailer.

As you can see, there are many reasons why an investment in a utility trailer is a smart move. I’m sure that with a little time, and its easy availability, you will come up with even more ways to use a trailer.”

Top 10 Uses of Utility Trailers


Thanks to Street Directory for this article.

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